Presentaciones de la 3ª reunión del foro de divulgación VICH (12-13 de noviembre de 2013, Auckland, Nueva Zelanda)

Report by the SC on issues raised by Outreach Forum members during the 2nd Outreach meeting in Washington in February 2013
Report by OIE on their activities concerning VMPs since the last VICH Outreach Forum
Report by the subgroup on training and discussion
• Link between legal framework of VMP regulation and VICH GLs (USA - Aus/NZ)
• Reporting back to plenary on outcome of group discussions
- Questions/discussions
Group 1: ASEAN, CAMEVET, Malaysia
Group 2: Korea, Thailand
Group 3: China, Russia, Ukraine
• Update from Outreach Forum members
- Update of activities on veterinary drug control in Thailand
- Presentation on activities related to veterinary drug in South Africa
• Pharmacovigilance: Experience with development of PV systems and processes (from the view point of government and industry)
• Participation in the VICH process:
- Development of Concept Papers (Combined products)
- Participation to Expert Working Groups (Honey/Residue)
- Active involvement in commenting concept paper (Presentation of revision GL3R)
• Presentation of the 5th VICH Public Conference in Japan