Presentaciones de la 7.ª reunión del foro de divulgación VICH (21 y 22 de junio de 2016, Bruselas, Bélgica)

4. Report from SC discussions on proposed new topics from VOF

- Development of guidance on stability to address climatic zones III and IV: FDA
- Efficay studies for combination products: JMAFF

5. 1st Group Discussions of individual VICH Outreach Forum member questions: Introduction
- Results of survey on priorities: OIE

6. Reporting back to plenary on outcome of 1st group discussions
- Group 3

8. Reporting back to plenary on outcome of group discussions
- Group 3

9.1. Registration systems in Saudi Arabia

9.2. Registration systems in Uganda

10.1. Specific issues - Pharmacovigilance

10.2. AMR: actions taken by VICH SC members and observers related to AMR management for registration of VMPs: EU - FDA - JMAFF - SA