Presentations from the 9th VICH Outreach Forum meeting (14 & 15 November 2017, Tokyo, Japan)

2. Report by the SC
on issues raised by Outreach Forum members during the 8th Outreach Forum meeting and the 34th VICH SC in Buenos Aires in February 2017

3. Report by OIE on their activities concerning VMPs since the last VICH Outreach Forum meeting

4. 1st Discussion of individual VICH Outreach Forum member questions - Regional organisation and collaborating systems:
- Presentations by: CAMEVET / ASEAN (harmonisation of vaccines registration)
- VICH SC and observers experience: The EU organisation in place

6. Reporting back to plenary on outcome of 1st group discussions: Group 1 - Group 2

7. 2nd Discussion of individual VICH Outreach Forum member questions - Pharmacovigilance
- Introduction by FDA

9. Report from SC discussions on proposed new topics from VOF
- AMR - how VICH GL27 is used in Japan - surveillance connected to efficacy: JMAFF
- Alternatives to Antimicrobial: processes for regulation to control autogenous vaccine in Thailand: Thailand

10. Registration systems:
10.1. Nigeria
10.2. Zimbabwe
10.3. Feed-back of training Workshops held in Brunei - JMAFF

11. Specific issues:
- Vaccines stability: USDA
- Review of the VICH GLs on Biologicals: JMAFF

VICH 6th Public Conference, February 2019 (Cape Town, South Africa) - UPDATE