Expert Working Groups and Observers

Expert Working Groups (EWGs) and topic leaders

In order to achieve harmonisation on the selected topics, the VICH Steering Committee will appoint EWGs to draft guidelines. Each EWG will normally comprise a minimum of six experts - one representing each VICH full member. Each member may send one additional advisor to participate and the Steering Committee may, depending on the expertise required, decide to allow the appointment of more than one expert per VICH member. Additional experts from Standing member countries  or VICH Forum member countries may also be appointed by the Steering Committee if deemed appropriate.

A chairperson will be appointed by the Steering Committee (normally from the same country or region as the Steering Committee topic proposer). The chairperson is responsible for initiating and guiding the work within the EWG. He/she will be accountable to the Steering Committee for delivering the draft and will be responsible for reporting to the Steering Committee.

Related topics may be covered by a single EWG. In this case a topic leader will be assigned for each additional topic.

Standing members 

Government and industry representatives from Australia/New Zealand, Canada, South Africa and the UK are participating as Standing members in the working process of the Steering Committee. As Standing members they may join in Committee discussions and send experts to the EWGs, although they have no voting rights. While they are not bound by the VICH recommendations, they are encouraged to take them into account in due course.