Background and objectives

This page also contains information on Forum composition, venue and discussion points.


The VICH Organisational Charter states in its objectives that as well as establishing and implementing harmonised technical requirements for the registration of veterinary medicinal products in the VICH regions, the programme should “work towards providing a basis for wider international harmonisation of technical requirements”.


The main objective for the VICH Outreach Forum is to provide a basis for wider international harmonization of technical requirements, improve information exchange and raise awareness of VICH and VICH guidelines with non-VICH countries/regions. The over-reaching aim is to avoid the duplication of tests and encourage a minimum standard of product ‘quality’ (includes quality, safety and efficacy), while also promoting the good governance of veterinary medicinal products worldwide.


The VICH Steering Committee highlighted this objective in the VICH priorities for the years 2011-2015 as set out in its Strategy for Phase III: 2011-2015. The Steering Committee decided to set up a ‘VICH Outreach Forum’ composed of:

  1. representatives from regulatory authorities of non-VICH countries and regions invited by the VICH Steering Committee on the basis of agreed criteria, and
  2. representatives from the Steering Committee and OIE.

The VICH Outreach Forum is a VICH initiative, and will be chaired by VICH in collaboration with OIE, recognising the OIE’s membership in VICH as well as its broader mandate.

The VICH Outreach Forum will meet in the margins of VICH Steering Committee meetings, which take place approximately every 9 months in one of the VICH member countries/regions.  Matters identified that will be addressed at the VICH Outreach Forum will be:

  • Information exchange on how to participate in VICH work, such as proposing topics and commenting on concept papers and draft guidelines.
  • Discussing feedback to VICH concept papers and draft guidelines
  • Providing feedback on implementation and acceptance of existing guidelines
  • Discussing practical issues related to VICH guidelines arising in the participants’ countries/regions and providing feedback to the Forum.
  • Collaborating and sharing of translations of guidelines.

Concept papers and draft guidelines for consultation will continue to be distributed to non-VICH countries and regions through OIE and the VICH website.

In light of the discussions at the Forum meetings the VICH Steering Committee will review other questions arising and may add or amend tasks and roles or composition of the Forum.